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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Statement

People, Planet, Profit


Responsible Sourcing

In order to be the most effective safety equipment for people and products, the predominant, available materials are made from chemicals or mined minerals, which could cause concern if naturally evolved products were to have acceptable performance characteristics. Alternatives to the scientifically engineered materials utilized in our industry have not yet emerged from nature. When possible, easily recyclable materials like HDPE or High Density Polyethylene, identifiable by its No.2 Recycling Stamp are specified; PP or Polypropylene, identifiable by its No.5 Recycling Stamp is specified for ropes. Suppliers are privately assessed to ensure the latest, non-polluting processes are employed in manufacturing. Packaging must be recyclable and is optimized to minimize packaging materials,while maximizing ergonomic design like shape and weight for employees, vendors and consumers. Unapproved items include styrofoam (polystyrene), identifiable by its No.6 Recycling Stamp and bispehnol-A (BPA) plastic, identifiable by its No.7 Recycling Stamp.

Opportunity in Education

Acute product knowledge and deep industry understanding are vital learning for each employee in order to best serve our industry and customers. We are passionate learners and seek people who share our enthusiasm for safety and personal, lifelong education. We believe this outlook promotes healthy, objective and fair folks who are admirable neighbors and excellent corporate citizens first - and outstanding employees second.  

Eco Consciousness and Sustainable Consumption makes a concerted effort to provide primary communications including sales literature, quotes, billing, statements and payments in digital, non-printed formats. Further, our website is not optimized to be print-friendly. We conscientiously seek to purchase 100% recycled materials for office and warehouse supplies as well as seek high efficiency lights and appliances, where applicable. When offered, our Utility selection decision is made to maximize renewable energy sources including wind, solar, geothermal or hydropower. When shipping UPS, we select UPS carbon neutral ( ) to offset the climate impact of the shipment. We also advocate for sustainable farming and replenishment of resources, like tree planting and recycle all applicable waste.

Promote Citizenship believes every freedom and right has been earned yet carries significant, on-going responsibility. Open, respectful discussions are requisite and the principle of reciprocity is embraced. We promote active participation in developing the skills to become an informed participant with the goal of working better, together.

People, Planet, Profit