DOE Suspect or Counterfeit Bolts

DOE Suspect or Counterfeit Bolt Headmark List:

The Department of Energy publishes a list of Suspect or Counterfeit Fasteners that are banned for use on DOE projects and property.  Further information including the list of disapproved Suspect or Counterfeit DOE Headmarks Bolts can be found by clicking here.

The Grade in the US or Class (Import) refers to the mechanical properties of the material used to manufacture the bolt and nut.  Generally, a higher number indicates a stronger, hardened fastener (and generally a higher number can be more brittle).  Manufacturers of load control products must keep in mind foreseeable stresses products may encounter and optimize the bolt for material choice, diameter and sheer strength.  For most products, specifies medium carbon steel alloy bolts and nuts (Grade 8).  While this adds to our products' ultimate cost, it provides the most favorable result of high strength performance for expected and foreseeable use.

DOE Approved Bolt Headmarks NRCDOE Disallowed Bolt Headmarks NRC


It is very important to note that when formed by a process called Upset Forging, the Head of the Bolt must also have the Bolt Manufacturer's name, logo or marking in addition to the markings pictured above.