Training the Driver

Critical Point: Drivers are responsible for the loads they're carrying and how they're tied down whether they or a company loader readied the shipment for transport.

"Golden Rule" of Tie Downs: 

The total combined working load limits of tie downs used to secure an article or group of articles against any movement must be at least one-half times the total weight of the article or group of articles being transported.  Care must be taken to factor in the condition of the tie downs being used and drivers must have operating knowledge of the products, like steel coils and heavy equipment, that have specific tie down rules that apply. 

It is critical to keep in mind the actual Working Load Limit of a tie down load securement assembly ALWAYS includes the Points of Attachment on the Vehicle or Load.

Rule of Thumb: If you think that based upon the formula above, your load requires 5 tie down assemblies to meet Federal minimum Standards, than add an extra tie down strap or assembly. No Driver has Ever Been Ticketed for Using Too Many Tie Down Assemblies!

In addition to the weight of the load, it is important the driver know or be made aware of the Center of Gravity of the load being transported. 

Image of Forces to which Loads are SubjectedPhoto of a Trailer Rollover Warning SignCenter of Gravity Symbol