Monroe 65159 Shock Absorber 2 Pack | 65159.


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Monroe 65159 Shock Absorber 2 Pack

  • 2 Pack
  • Multi-lip fluid seal designed for smooth performance, long life, and reduced friction
  • Nitrogen Gas Charged: For improved ride and handling, helps maintain tire to road contact by reducing aeration - on most applications
  • 2 inch or 2-3/8 inch (50.8 mm or 60.3 mm) reserve tube (where required)

What is a Shock Absorber

In their simplest form, shock absorbers are hydraulic (oil) pump like devices that help to control the impact and rebound movement of your vehicle's springs and suspension. Along with smoothening out bumps and vibrations, the key role of the shock absorber is to ensure that the vehicle’s tyres remain in contact with the road surface at all times, which ensures the safest control and braking response from your car.

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