Why Made in USA Ratchet Straps & Tie Downs, Chains & Chain Binders Are Important

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Made in USA 12 ft Spa Cover Strap Kit
Where a tie down is fabricated is sadly an afterthought for most consumers but I make the argument US fabricated load securements are vital to the market. Let's look at why.
Manufacturing requires knowledgable workers in engineering, materials, metallurgy, research & development, science, testing, quality control and the law. The people who fill these rolls spend years studying their craft at University then as apprentices. They make above average income by possessing unique skillsets and are spread throughout all 50 states. Manufacturing also requires assembly - for example, turning 3 screws 800 times a day. These monotonous routines are also important because they are small steps of a larger picture that is also comprised of a complex supply chain.
This supply chain is made up of Americans who work; transportation specialists, 3PLs, warehouses, forklift drivers, pilots of ships, barges and planes.
These people in turn need roads, interstate highways, rivers dredged, bridges built, tunnels made and ports for export.
The developers and constructors of this infrastructure require inspectors, building materials, specialty vehicles, engineers & architects, heavy equipment, real estate specialists and attorneys.
These workers need car lots, dry cleaners, pet sitters, sales clerks, fast food workers, lawn mowers, small package delivery companies, postmen etc. As you can see, all the jobs created by USA tie down manufacturers are a finite number; but they are at the tip of an employment enterprise that becomes pyramid-shaped as each level begets each subsequent level.  The bottom level may have millions of jobs where the US factories at the tip, employ hundreds of thousands.
When you buy made in USA Tie Downs, Chain Binders, Transport Chain, Webbing & Ratchet Straps you are indirectly employing your neighbors, relatives, friends - Americans in all 50 states who benefit by being on some level of the job creation enterprise pyramid.
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  • Great article and I appreciate the points made about the value of Made in the USA.

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