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Understanding and comprehending what is going on with the supply chain will be a college course in years to come. How to best prepare for the unknown of delivery, availability and pricing is a topic of discussion at most businesses and probably even in most people's homes.

Stories of container import charges of $4,000 of old now being regularly closer to $20,000 are not fairy tales but reality. Domestic production and manufacturing are also surprisingly vulnerable to these same concerns. A firsthand example recently relayed to us was of a decade-long relationship with a US manufacturer being told that even though you have had the exact same order for over a decade with quarterly delivery, today's order has a delivery time of one year from the order date. This is with no warning or explanation. Very few would consider this something that should or could have been planned for. Now add the rapidly, ignored by the government inflation, price increases passed throughs to customers and we get to the question heard everywhere. "What do we do?"

There are no easy answers and of course, nothing should be taken off the table when looking for solutions. Communication will be paramount internally, with vendors and of course customers. For most this is new territory and it is an uncomfortable position to be in. 

That ever forgot internal buyer if your company even has one is or can be invaluable right now (That's their job to communicate and have relationships with vendors, not just buy based on lowest price on Amazon), might be time to give them a raise. Our experience has been that the internal buyer for all-size businesses has been eliminated with the growth of the internet and online market places. If your business does not have a relationship with your vendors now is the time to pick up the phone (844.678.7277) and place purchase orders for promised future orders, lock in prices and availability. 

Here at, we are a small business, and please know we are doing everything to keep up with daily changing prices and availability. We are not ignoring the issue or problem. We hate not meeting customer expectations but rest assured we are putting systems in place to acknowledge and accommodate the ever changing environment with the least disruption to our customers.

Holiday Season (November 2021 – January 2022) Shipping Impacts and Recommendations

  • is processing orders normally without disruption. However, nearly all freight and parcel carriers are dealing with unprecedented demand. This demand is expected to increase further for the holiday season, starting in early November through the end of the year. 
  • SHOP NOW, NOT LATER. If you see the perfect thing on our website don't wait! It is harder than usual to restock some of our most common products.
  • Even though warehouses are operating as expected and will be shipping orders as scheduled, carriers may encounter shipping delays, as a result. Shipping status will be updated online as usual, but may also be delayed as carriers continue operating with the increased volume of packages. Even on guaranteed services, such as Next Day Air, potential shipping delays are likely to occur. Please plan accordingly for your immediate and future planning.
  • CHOOSE EXPEDITED SHIPPING. Because it is taking most carriers longer than usual to deliver packages. We suggest you choose expedited shipping to get your time sensitive orders.
  • Due to an increase in demand, has been experiencing fluctuations in both pricing and inventory. We cannot guarantee that inventory will not change or that prices will stay the same. For best product availability and pricing, we recommend placing orders as soon as possible.
  • Please also be aware that nearly all carriers are imposing surcharges, specifically for residential deliveries. These surcharges are impacting customer freight costs. While these surcharges are already in place, they are expected to increase from November 2021 to January 2022. To reduce additional costs, recommends shipping to commercial addresses, rather than residential addresses, if possible.
  • WHEN IN DOUBT CALL. We are available by phone at 844-678-7277.

Update on Supply Chain Constraints, Possible Fluctuations in Product Inventory and Pricing

  • We are working through highly fluid, industry-wide supply chain constraints, resulting in pricing volatility and longer-than-normal delivery times for many manufacturers. 
  • Because of the current supply chain constraints, we cannot guarantee that product prices will not increase or that inventory will not change. If prices increase following your order or items become unavailable, a account manager can work with you to come up with another option. Helping you is our business and always our top priority.

Best Practices for Working with in the Current Product-Constrained Environment

  • To mitigate these constraints, we recommend placing orders as promptly as possible for the best product availability and pricing.
  • To counteract unforeseen price increases, please minimize the time between receiving a quote and placing an order.
  • Work with your account manager to forecast your needs for the next six months if possible.
  • Be prepared to place an order well in advance of your forecasted needs depending on lead times.
  • is committed to helping our customers work through these supply chain constraints and help you find a product and pricing solution that works best for your business. We are working daily to ensure the best prices and availability of all.

RATCHETSTRAP.COM Deeply appreciates your patience and flexibility as we navigate these challenges!


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