Top Myths & Misrepresentations the Cargo Control

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Below are some myths, mis-truths and misrepresentations recently heard regarding the correct use and implementation of load restraints & tie downs:
1) Webbing Straps and Assemblies MUST have the Working Load Limit Stenciled on The Webbing?  T  or  F 
Reasoning - (Everyone’s doing it, it must be the law.)     
Answer = FALSE!   The TAG is the proper (and only) place Working Load Limit is listed.
2) The Department of Transportation (DOT) APPROVES Strap Assemblies?  T  or  F
Reasoning - (C’mon, we’ve all heard the term, “DOT-Approved”.)  
Answer = FALSE!   Neither the US nor Canada is in the business of exclusiveness.
3) CHP or California Highway Patrol RATES Strap Assemblies?  T  or  F
 Reasoning - (CHP-Rated can be found on several industry websites & catalogs.)    
 Answer = FALSE!   The CHP Strap rating ceased to exist over a decade ago.
4) Rubber Tarp Straps REQUIRE a Working Load Limit?  T  or  F
Reasoning - (I’ve ‘bungied’ my folded up tarp to the trailer bed, we’re all good.)   
Answer = FALSE!   Tarp Straps are NOT able to be Rated due to Material Selection.  If a Working Load Limit is on a tarp strap you own, it’s false & misleading.
5) Transport or Tie down Chains Assemblies REQUIRE a Metal Tag to be Legal?  T  or  F
Reasoning - (Chains are metal, tie downs require a tag, therefore, chains require a metal tag.)
Answer = FALSE!  Yes, Chains are metal but there industry-accepted marking schemes more widely known and accepted than tags that could be altered or falsified.
6) Hardware MUST Have the Working Load Limit Stamped On it to be Legal?  T  or  F
Reasoning - (Load Securements are only as strong as their weakest components)
Answer = False!  It is true that assemblies are only as strong as their weakest component but in this case, hardware MUST be properly pull tested WITHIN AN ASSEMBLY in order to establish the Working Load Limit of any particualr assembly. )
7) Home Depot is selling it, it MUST be Heavy Duty or Good Quality.  T  or  F
Reasoning - (Home Depot is huge, their Buyers know what they are doing)
Answer = False!  Home Depot and other Big Box Retailers should stick with selling nails, wheel barrows and Febreeze Carpet Stain Remover.  Real Safety Equipment like the Heavy Duty Tie Downs sold by can last years with proper maintenance.  Home Depot Brand is lucky not to be damaged when cutting open the theft-resistant, retail packaging.
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