Trailers in the Fleet have 2 kinds of Logistic Track? These Straps Work in Both E & F Tracks

Posted by Ken Webb on

A very good customer phoned last week, frustrated their E Track straps weren't fitting all of the sudden. Turns out that some trailers they'd leased for the Holidays have logistic wall posts with Round Holes (F Track) instead of the more common Rectangular opening (E Track). This is actually a common issue, especially when integrating trailers from a purchased fleet into the acquiring one (turns out accountants don't seem to think of these issues when establishing values and signing deals) <snicker>. sells R16EW's to accommodate both types of Logistic Track, they are 2" x 16 ft. Ratchet Straps for Vans, that have Standard Spring E Track Ends - AND - Wire Hooks for F Track on BOTH ends of the ratchet strap. offers free delivery in the US, and these are competitively priced, 10pcs at $8.75/ea. Please contact us toll free 84-GOSTRAPS to try them out - toll free 844-678-7277.   <<  Click here to purchase!!  >>


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