Motorbike Tie Downs in a Commercial Motorcycle Hauling Trailer

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Motorcycle Commercial Hauling Trailer w/ Motorbike Tie Downs
When a trailer can fit $250,000+ worth of motorcycles, parts and plastic bins full of customized riding gear, motorbike tie downs and their associated anchor points play a critical role in protecting the cycles and trailer from movement during transport or damage caused by excess movement.
Anchor points pictured here are Galvanized E Track and light duty surface mount pan fittings that actually can hold several hundred to several thousand pounds with a 3:1 design factor.  Both sides of the trailer as well as the floor contain several rows of E-track for the driver installing the motorcycle tie downs.
Pictured Track Fittings include both light duty spring E clips with round rings and heavy duty spring E clips w/ round rings.  
Additionally there's a peek of a clever carrier, a multi-armed hanger where the arms lift up allowing 20 soft tie loops per row juxtaposed. The hanger is also fastened to the trailer wall to keep it secure while allowing the arms to rise.
While 1 inch x 6 foot cam buckle straps with vinyl S hooks are common, we see here this fleet owner has chosen 1" ratchet straps with vinyl S hooks as his primary tie downs.
This is an excellent set up, demonstrating a driver intent on safely transporting motorcycles coast-to-coast. 
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