2 x 15 Ft Strap w/ Swivel J Hook | DIAMOND WEAVE


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2" x 15 Ft Strap w/ Swivel J Hook Diamond Weave

  • 2 x 15 Ft Strap with Swivel J Hook
  • Patented DiamondWeave™ Webbing
  • Color Options: Black, Blue, Orange, Grey, High Viz Green, Red, Purple, Pink, Yellow
  • Polyester Webbing woven in USA with Low Stretch, High Strength Ratio
  • Nut & Bolt Allow Easy Replacement if Necessary
  • Custom Lengths & Colors Available
  • Hardware Zinc Plated to Prohibit Rust
  • Hardware Optimized to Prevent Web Wear
  • Loose Ends are Heat Seared to Prevent Fraying
  • Fits most auto hauling trailers like Cottrell, Boydstun, Kaufmann, Sun Country, Sun Valley, Wally-Mo, Take 3 Trailers, Delavan
  • Edge protection must be used whenever a tiedown would be subject to abrasion or cutting at the point where it touches an article of cargo. The edge protection must resist abrasion, cutting and crushing. - See more at: Corner Protectors Required!

What Is DiamondWeave™ Webbing?
DiamondWeave™ webbing is a patented (US patent # 8,136,555) webbing solution for high abrasion applications.

Characteristics of DiamondWeave™ Webbing
DiamondWeave™ webbing is manufactured using propriety manufacturing techniques, a process that produces webbing that evenly distributes stress from abrasive forces across the webbing face.

This quality results in the following key material characteristics:

  • Extreme abrasion resistance. DiamondWeave™ webbing has excellent abrasion-resistant properties when compared to standard webbing.

  • This ultra-abrasion resistance has been proven to perform under rugged conditions. Whether you need webbing to stand up to the tests of combat or to withstand the weight of heavy machinery, DiamondWeave™ offers an ideal solution.