36 Inch Axle Straps DiamondWeave™ COLOR OPTIONS | 4 PACK

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36 Inch Axle Straps DiamondWeave™

INCLUDE: Four (4) - 24 Inch Axle Straps DiamondWeave™  (Color Option)

  • 2" x 36" Axle Straps with Steel D-Rings
  • Premium DIAMOND WEAVE Webbing
  • 3,333 lbs Working Load Limit
  • Assembled In the USA
  • Colors Options: Black, Blue, Gold, Grey, Hi-Viz Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red


What Is DiamondWeave™ Webbing?
DiamondWeave™ webbing is a patented (US patent # 8,136,555) webbing solution for high abrasion applications.

Characteristics of DiamondWeave™ Webbing
DiamondWeave™ webbing is manufactured using propriety manufacturing techniques, a process that produces webbing that evenly distributes stress from abrasive forces across the webbing face.

This quality results in the following key material characteristics:

  • Extreme abrasion resistance. DiamondWeave™ webbing has excellent abrasion-resistant properties when compared to standard webbing.

  • This ultra-abrasion resistance has been proven to perform under rugged conditions. Whether you need webbing to stand up to the tests of combat or to withstand the weight of heavy machinery, DiamondWeave™ offers an ideal solution.