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4" Webbing - AAR Approved (Association of American Railroads)

  • Pricing is Per Foot, Please Specify Required Length when Ordering
  • Webbing Used in Load Restraints on Rail Cars, Pipeline Stringing Straps must be AAR Approved
  • Roll = 300 Ft / 100 Yds
  • 4" AAR Webbing
  • Webbing Must be Marked Per the AAR Standard, Open Top Loading Rules Committee ( OTLRC ), Rule 20
  • For large order bulk pricing, please call or contact us for a quote
  • Nylon is Not Permitted for Tie Downs
  • Buckles and End Fittings Must be Stronger than the Approved Webbing
  • Assemblies May Need to be Approved Separately
  • Please Contact for Specific Questions or Quotes
  • 20,000 lb. MBS Webbing Shown
  • For Transport in the USA, Canada & Mexico

About Webbing:

Woven in the US by experienced weaving companies, our webbing used for web straps and ratchet strap assemblies meets or exceeds all government and industry standards. Available in almost any color imaginable, we endeavor to stock the most popular colors and strengths for most industries. We maintain the ability to supply both custom-woven pro edge guard and non-edge guard webbing as well as higher strength web or alternate width web for custom applications.

We stock 1”, 2”, 3”, and 4” industrial webbing as well as seat belt webbing, 1.25” and 1.5” webbing, and wide tubular webbing for abrasion sleeves. We also stock polyester, polypropylene, and certain widths and strengths of nylon and kevlar for special applications.