52" Non-Retractable Shoulder Belt - Fits L-Track (Contact us for A-Track)

Safe Haven

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52" Non-Retractable Shoulder Belt - Fits L-Track (Contact us for A-Track)

The Safe Haven item SH5826-LT-CL/052 has been retired. This part has been replaced by the Sure-Lok part FE200599.

Non-Retractable Shoulder Belt attaches to Series L Track on vehicle sidewall, providing increased positioning flexibility for multiple station vehicles.

Sure-Lok Occupant Restraint Systems provide a wide range of options, allowing you to select the products that are best suited for the needs of each user and the layout of each vehicle.

The 3 styles of Occupant Restraints:

Lap Belts, Shoulder Belts, or Integrated Combination Belts.

Occupant Restraints, when properly used with a complete Sure-Lok System (comprised of wheelchair tie-down, a complete occupant restraint system, including lap and shoulder belt), track and anchorages are designed to meet the following requirements where applicable:

  • 30mph/20g Impact Test Criteria per SAE J2249
  • 30mph/20g Impact Test Criteria per Canadian Z605 Standard
  • 30mph/20g Impact Test Criteria per National Standards for School Buses
  • 49 CFR Part 38 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • 49 CFR Part 571.222 (FMVSS 222) School Bus Passenger Seating and Crash Protection
  • FMVSS 302 Flammability Test
  • Certificates of Conformance available upon request
Warning - RatchetStrap.comWARNING:

Occupant Restraints are not wheelchair securements. Always secure the occupant in the vehicle with a complete Sure-Lok Occupant Restraint System, consisting of lap and shoulder belts


NEW SKU: FE200599


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