Automatic 3 Pt Retractor w/Retractable Height Adjuster, L-track | H370253

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Automatic 3 Point Retractor

  • Qty 1 - Automatic 3 Point Retractor
  • Retractable Height Adjuster
  • L-Track Fittings on Both Top & Bottom with 90 Degree Brackets on Both Top & Bottom


The Automatic 3 Point Retractor is a must-have for anyone who needs secure and reliable wheelchair tie-downs. This retractable height adjuster comes with L-Track fittings on both top and bottom, along with 90 degree brackets on both ends, making it incredibly versatile and easy to use. With its high-quality construction and intuitive design, the Automatic 3 Point Retractor is perfect for those who demand the very best in wheelchair tie-downs.

One of the key benefits of the Automatic 3 Point Retractor is its ease of use. Thanks to its retractable design and adjustable height, it's incredibly easy to secure your wheelchair and ensure that it stays in place throughout your journey. Additionally, the L-Track fittings on both top and bottom make it simple to install and remove, allowing you to quickly and easily switch between vehicles or adjust your tie-downs as needed. And with its sturdy construction and reliable performance, you can trust the Automatic 3 Point Retractor to keep you and your wheelchair safe and secure no matter where your adventures take you.

SKU: H370253