Automatic Retractor-Shoulder Belt L-track fittings with 90° bracket on bottom | H350250

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Automatic Retractor-Shoulder Belt with L-track fittings on top and bottom with 90° bracket on bottom

The H350250 product has been Superseeded by the H370255 

  • L-Track Fitting on Top & Bottom
  • 90° Bracket on Retractor for Ease of Use
  • Gray Webbing
  • Automatic Retractor
  • The H370255 is the product currently being shipped in place of the H350250

The H370255 Automatic Retractor-Shoulder Belt is a top-of-the-line product designed with the latest technology to provide maximum safety and comfort for passengers. This belt features L-track fittings on both the top and bottom, allowing for easy installation in any vehicle. The 90° bracket on the retractor ensures easy use and hassle-free operation, while the gray webbing adds a sleek and modern touch to the overall design. The H370255 is the updated version of the previous H350250 model and is currently being shipped in its place.

The Automatic Retr Belt-track fittings on top and bottom is the perfect solution for anyone who values safety and comfort while driving. The L-track fittings make installation quick and easy, and the 90° bracket on the retractor ensures that this belt can be used with ease. The gray webbing is not only stylish but also durable, ensuring that the belt will last for many years to come. The automatic retractor feature ensures that the belt will always be at the perfect tension, providing maximum safety in the event of an accident. This product is perfect for anyone who wants the best in safety and comfort while on the road.

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