Baldwin Fuel Filter, Spin-On Filter Design | BF1212


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BF1212 Baldwin  Fuel Filter, Spin-On Filter Design

Made in the USA
This fuel filter can help protect engines and fuel system components from the damaging effects of contaminants such as water, fungus and bacteria, precipitates, particulates, and wax.
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  • Keep contaminants causing damage, away from the sensitive parts of the engine
  • Gaskets provide an exterior seal between the filter and engine
  • Highly durable and reliable
  • Improves engine life
  • SKU: BF1212
  • CAUTION: Furnished D-Ring must be installed on post for seal.; Can be used with FB1311 base.
  • BF1212 FOAM
  • Cummins Engines
  • Cummins 3308638
  • 1-14
  • 3 11/16 (93.7)
  • 7 7/16 (188.9)
  • ES24-D
  • G381-A
  • BF957, BF957-D (Fuel Versions); BF7798-SP (Sensor Port Version);BF7798-O (Open Port Version)
SKU: BF1212 ITEM: Baldwin Fuel Filter, Spin-On Filter Design WT: 1.4 lbs