QTY 10 - CT-9440B Aero-Seal Breeze Constant Torque Liner Clamp with Stainless Screw Range: 2-1/16" - 3"


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  • QTY 10
  • 9/16" (14mm) bandwidth
  • Diameter Range: 2-1/16" - 3" 
  • 410 Stainless Steel Hex Screw, Stainless Steel - Virtually unlimited product life - won't rust or corrode and is reusable
  • Quadra-lock construction - housing orbitally riveted to saddle at 4 points providing extra strength
  • Liner protects soft or silicone hose from damage, extrusion or shear
  • Fleet standard - easily installed, easily replaced in the field
  • Made in USA
Virtually all rubber hose compresses "cold flow" after installation of a clamping device, resulting in an almost immediate torque loss that can exceed 80% of installation torque. Similarly, virtually all metal connections expand as a system heats up, and then contracts as the system cools. Conventional worm-gear, T-Bolt, and other clamps are passive, in that expansion and contraction of components cannot be compensated for without retightening or loosening the clamps. This Breeze clamping system is an "active" clamp mechanism, which monitors and then compensates for the temperature changes by actually changing diameter through a unique worm-gear Belleville assembly.