Flange Series L-Track Pre-Drilled 48" QTY 2 | FE753NA48-04-3

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OMNI Surface Profile L-Track, Pre-Drilled

  • QTY (2) - 48" (122cm) length
  • Standard 82 degree countersunk holes are pre-drilled every 4” (102mm)
  • Accommodates 5/16” (8mm) bolts


Qty 2 L-Track Surface Profile, Pre-Drilled 48" | FE752NA048-04-3

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SKU: FE753NA48-04-3

Now you can ‘mix & match’ retractors and manual belts from Q’STRAINT & SURE-LOK whenever you see the OMNI APPROVED Badge.

Designed for agencies that require total flexibility in a mixed-brand environment, the OMNI line takes the guesswork out of securing your passengers.

All OMNI Floor Anchor Systems feature stainless steel or aluminum materials designed for demanding transportation environments.

It has always been recommended that tie-downs match with the brand of their floor anchorages. Now with the OMNI series, you can reduce your liability and know that your products are tested and certified for both Q’Straint and Sure-Lok systems. 

    Warning - Using OMNI anchorages and track make it possible to use both Q’Straint and Sure-Lok tie-downs. Every RETRACTOR in a wheelchair position must be EITHER from Q’Straint or Sure-Lok — never mix brands on a four-point securement. OMNI anchorages are strictly tested and certified to be used with approved Q’Straint and Sure-Lok systems. Other non-approved systems should not be used with OMNI anchorages at any time.

    The most widely used floor anchorage in the industry, L-Track is a length of pre-drilled track that can be installed throughout the vehicle and used to secure retractors or tie-downs to the floor and walls. The versatility of L-Track gives operators the freedom to accommodate virtually any 4-Point Securement location.

    • Vehicle Applications: School Bus, City Bus, Coach Bus, Rail, Community Transport, Minivan, WAV

    • Warranty: 1 year* limited warranty coverage.

    SURFACE PROFILE L TRACK PRE-DRILLEDOMNI APPROVED L-Track, Slide ‘N Click and L-Pocket Anchorages can now be used with both Q’STRAINT & SURE-LOK retractors!*

    Designed for agencies that require total flexibility in a mixed-brand environment, OMNI approved anchorages take the guess work out of securing your passengers. Just look for the OMNI Approved badge to know which anchorages are compatible with both Q’STRAINT and SURE-LOK systems.

    Warning - RatchetStrap.comIMPORTANT: All 4 retractors in a 4-point securement must be either Q’STRAINT or SURE-LOK — never mix brands. OMNI anchorages are strictly tested and certified to be used with approved Q’STRAINT and SURE-LOK systems. Other non-approved systems should never be used with OMNI anchorages.


    • PRE-DRILLED - All 3 profiles of L-Track feature standard 82º countersunk holes pre-drilled every 4” (102mm). Each hole accommodates 5/16” (8mm) bolts. Special drilling patterns available, contact us for information.
    • STANDARD LENGTHS - All 3 profiles of L-Track are available in multiple lengths. Special lengths available, contact us for information.
    • DURABLE, LOW MAINTENANCE - Constructed from aluminum alloy (6061-T6) for superior corrosion resistance. Special finishes available, contact us for information.
    • 3 PROFILES - Available in multiple profiles to suit your exact needs. Flange Profile for flush mounted installations, Angled Profile for surface mounted installations, and a Regular Profile, which can be used for either flush or surface mounted installations.
    • OMNI COMPATIBILITY - All L-Track is fully OMNI Approved, certified and tested to be compatible with both Q’STRAINT and SURE-LOK tie-downs and occupant securements.
    • TOTAL VERSATILITY - L-Track can be used on floors or walls and provides maximum flexibility to accommodate many different wheelchair positions.

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