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Golden Powerchair Bracket

  • The Golden Powerchair Bracket mounts under the armrest of some Golden Powerchairs.  The bracket slides into the square receptacle under the armrest which is found on some Golden Powerchairs.  The bracket is secured in place by tightening the set screw on the bottom of the square receptacle.  Not all Golden Powerchairs have this feature.  Please see the Golden Compass Sport and the Golden LiteRider Envy for alternate Golden brackets.  Also, some of the Golden Alante Sport has the receptacle on the joystick control side but not on the other armrest.  In this case, the receptacle for the additional arm would have to be purchased from Golden.  There is some variation on Golden powerchairs so please check the underside of the armrest to see which style works for your chair.  If you have questions about which bracket works for your chair please contact us to ensure the correct bracket is purchased.
  • Installation Instructions will be included with every bracket.
  • Mounting arm attaches with screws to the underside of armrest chair. Bracket is specific to mobility device. Screw holes are pre-existing in armrest.
  • Once installed the SnapIt! accessory snaps into the bracket.  This allows the accessory to be removed for transport or used on other devices with the purchase of additional brackets.
  • All holders come with a SnapIt! bracket. This item is a replacement or additional bracket for use on a second mobility device. Cup/phone holders can be snapped/attached to any bracket.