High Heat Loose Wheel Nut Indicator, 33mm, ORANGE | QTY 10


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High Heat Loose Wheel Nut Indicator, 33mm, Orange | QTY 10

  • Price For: 10 Pack
  • Bolt Hole Spacing: 33mm
  • Item: Loose Wheel Nut Indicator
  • Material: PLASTIC
  • Used For: 33mm Hex Nut Fitting
  • An instant visual indicator of wheel nut movement
  • Indicates possible faults with breaks or bearings through melting
  • Melts at a specific temperature of 125ºC/257ºF
  • Supports fleet safety checks
  • Cost effective and easy to implement

The High Heat Loose Wheel Nut Indicator is an essential tool for ensuring the safety and roadworthiness of vehicles. With a recognizable pattern that clearly indicates any movement of the wheel nut, it prevents accidents caused by loosened wheel nuts. Its Bio Additive technology also promotes environmental sustainability, making it a must-have for responsible vehicle maintenance. Quantity of 10 included.

Identifies Torque Issues: If a lug nut moves, the nut & stud should be
inspected - TIA & TMC recommended practices.

High Temp (329ºF melt point) Ideal for application with high heat at the
wheel end, as seen with waste haul, municipal transit, or severe stop/start

Designed to Melt: Identifying wheel end issues causing excess
heat, such as wheel bearing failure.

Only Point-to-Point Indicator: 2x the teeth for more accuracy.

The Easiest to Install: Slides on, stays on!

Torque Check Visual Inspection of Lug Nuts That May Have Become Loose to Prevent Wheel Offs Overall Length: 2-1/4"

Suggested use?

It is recommended to use all one color indicator on the wheel. When a lug nut is required to be tightened, replace indicator with a different color to ensure easy visual inspection of the recently tightened lug nut.

What causes a lug nut to loosen?

The most frequent cause of loose lug nuts is vibration, causing the nut or bolt head to slide relative to the joint. Shifting between the lug nuts and bolts can also be caused by bolt bending, temperature differences in the materials, or excessive applied forces at the joint which could cause damage to the threading.

Will my CHECKPOINT loose lug nut indicators fall off?

With twice the “teeth” on CHECKPOINT as compared to competitors, your lug nut indicators will not fall off. If you have an issue with your lug nut indicators not staying on the lug nut, you may have the wrong size; please see our application chart for the proper CHECKPOINT indicator size.

What makes CHECKPOINT Point-to-Point loose lug nut indicators different?

Some indicators are applied in a “daisy chain” pattern, which can allow for the lug nut indicators to move several millimeters before visually indicating a loose lug nut. However, the simple-to-use CHECKPOINT Point-to-Point indicators are installed on each wheel nut with each pair of indicators pointing directly at each other. This simple system provides a clear visual pattern for the driver, indicating which wheel nuts need tightening.

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