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Merits or Magic 360 Powerchair Bracket

The Merits Powerchair Bracket attaches to the underside of the armrest utilizing the existing screw located about 3 1/2" from the end of the armrest.  Remove the existing screw using an Allen wrench, insert the screw through the bracket on the counterbore side back into the armrest and retighten.

  • Once installed snap the SnapIt! accessory into the bracket.

  • Installation Instructions will be included with the bracket.

  • Please note that the armrest in the instruction photos may be different in appearance than the armrest on your chair, however, the installation procedure is accurate.

  • All holders come with a SnapIt! bracket. This item is a replacement or additional bracket for use on a second mobility device. Cup/phone holders can be snapped/attached to any bracket. 

Printable Installation Instructions