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Power Wheelchair Large Drink Holder Snapit!

This large drink holder from Power Wheelchair Snapit! securely attaches to your power wheelchair, providing convenient on-the-go hydration. Its adjustable design keeps standard-sized drinks in place while you go about your day. Simple installation makes it easy to attach the holder. Enjoy the convenience of having your drink close at hand with Power Wheelchair’s Large Drink Holder.

  • A large drink holder for power chairs.
  • 3.625″ inside diameter sized for large drinks and cans and soft drink bottles with insulated sleeves.
  • Measures 3″ from top of base plate to top of retainer ring.
  • Top ring is reversible for right or left hand applications.
  • UV Stabilized HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)
  • Mounting arm attaches with screws to the underside of armrest chair. Bracket is specific to mobility device. Screw holes are pre-existing in armrest.
  • Please go to Additional Brackets to see more detailed information regarding the available mounting brackets.  The information there will help you determine which bracket will correctly fit your powerchair.  Once you have determined the correct bracket return here and select it from the Chair Model menu.  One bracket is included in the cost of the accessory. 
  • Drink holder opening is not adjustable.
  • Mounting arm included -  Installation instructions
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Manufactured and Assembled in Texas, USA
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