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Premium Emergency Web Cutter

Meets the requirements of the National Standards for School Buses.

Cuts webbing seatbelts quickly in emergency evacuations.

  • BE READY IN AN EMERGENCY - In the case of an accident or collision, slice through stuck or locked belts quickly to free yourself or passengers.
  • HANDY & EFFECTIVE - Cutter conveniently fits within reach in a center console, glove box, seat back or molded side door compartments.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BUT STRONG  - The cutter is fabricated by thermoplastic molding with an integral stainless steel metal blade.
  • ERGONOMIC & INTUITIVE - The cutter has round edges and the blade channel is optimized for seat belts (little fingers cannot reach the metal). An ergonomic hand grip in the handle ensures correct use in an emergency situation.
  • Measures 5.5 inches across
  • Includes velcro strip for temporary attaching where necessary
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