QTY 100 - 2" x 27 Ft. Flatbed Ratchet Strap w/ Wire Hooks


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  • QTY - 100 Pack
  • 2" X 27 Ft. Ratchet With Wire Hooks
  • 2 Ft. Ratchet with Wife Hook; 25 Ft. Adjustable with Wire Hook
  • 3,335 lb. Working Load Limit, 3:1 Design Factor
  • Polyester Webbing woven with Low Stretch, High Strength Ratio
  • Custom Lengths & Colors for Ratcheting Tie Downs are Available
  • Wire Hook or 'Finger Hook' Zinc Plated for Rust Inhibiting Finish
  • Wire Hook or 'Finger Hook' Optimized to Prevent Web Wear
  • Loose Ends are Heat Seared to Prevent Fraying
  • Edge protection must be used whenever a tiedown would be subject to abrasion or cutting at the point where it touches an article of cargo. The edge protection must resist abrasion, cutting and crushing. - See more at: Corner Protectors Required!

Boxes of 10 for Easy Inventory