Reflective VeeBoards Safety Kit | VB-SAFETY KIT


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Reflective VB-Safety Kit

Reflective VeeBoards enable flatbed truckers to illuminate the top outline of their cargo, making it safer at night while traveling or parked off.

These Reflective VeeBoards can be purchased individually or in this Safety Pack. These enable operators to double strap 2 reflective VeeBaords on the front skids and 2 on the rear skids and regular VeeBoards in between.

  • Four (4) Reflective VeeBoards and Eight (8) Regular VeeBoards
  • Convenient Carry Handle for Ratchet Strap Protectors
  • Lights up your load
  • Improves safety
  • Nestable for easy stacking/storage
  • W-10” x L-11” X H-12”
  • Made from tough HDPE
  • Extends the useful life of straps and tarps (when used)
  • Can protect freight from strap damage
  • Protects tarp from tearing at corners
  • UV/Weather resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Can last for years when properly cared for
  • Ideal for the drywall industry to protect the load or on any product where you need the flexibility to engage the load 
  • Recyclable 
SKU: VB-Safety Kit ITEM: Four (4) Reflective VeeBoards and Eight (8) Regular VeeBoards WT: 11 lbs