Tether Strap (Webbing Loop) / Secure Loop | H350258

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Tether Strap (Webbing Loop) / Secure Loop

    The Tether Strap (Webbing Loop) / Secure Loop offers strong and secure fastening for a variety of applications. Its durable and strong construction makes it ideal for securing items in place. This strap is designed to hold up under harsh conditions and is versatile enough to be applied in a variety of scenarios.

    • 14 in./ 356 mm.
    • Attaches to a wheelchair, providing a tie-down attachment point.
    • Facilitates Quicker & Easier Wheelchair Securement
    • A seat belt and/or shoulder restraint should always be used with any tie-down system. Never depend on wheelchair locks (brakes) alone for safety when driving or being transported.
    • H350258 Replaces Part number H350238
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