TITAN700 Retractor Kit & Occupant Restraint | Slide & Click | AL761S-4C-SNC


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TITAN700 Retractor Kit & Occupant Restraint

The Original TITAN. The original TITAN has you covered. 
Included in Kit:
    • Qty 2 Right Hand Crank Retractor with S-Hook | AL700944S 
    • Qty 2 Left Hand Crank Retractor with S-Hook | AL700945S 
    • Qty 4 Bottom Assembly Fittings | Q8-7580-A 
    SKU: AL761S-4C-SNC
    Boasting unique features not found on any other securement system, it’s proven performance still meets the demands of the road. With its distinctive blue webbing and highly-visible, yellow “locked” indicator tag, the AL700 Titan Retractor Series simplifies the securement process for operators.
    • Locked Indicator Tag: Highly-visible, yellow “locked” indicator tag, letting operators know when the retractor is in locked mode.
    • S Hook: S-hook attachment allows for easy, one-handed wheelchair securement. 
    • Low Profile: Low-profile design minimizes potential tripping hazards.
    • Auto-Tension & Auto-Lock: Allows operators to secure a wheelchair within seconds with just one hand.

    SKU: AL761S-4C-SNC

    wc18-slider-1Meets the Requirements of WC18 and is compatible with WC19 Wheelchairs