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L-Track Cover Strip / Filler - Black or Grey Rubber

Extruded Press-In L-Track Cover is Sold per foot

BLACK SKU: 150351 -  NEW SKU 10024457  EFFECTIVE 2023

GREY SKU: 150352

  • Smooths the Floor of Transit Vehicles
  • Prevents Dirt & Waste from Becoming Trapped in L-Track Recesses
  • Can be ordered cut-to-length for Longer or Shorter L-Track Lengths. There is no cut charge for special lengths
  • Extruded from TPE ( Sha 90 +/-5 & Sha 60+/-5) which withstands normal UV-radiation and ozone exposure

The extruded, press-in covers are designed specifically for use on L-Track sections that are used to secure mobility devices in transport buses, vans, or other vehicles. The covers are used on sections of L-Tracks that are not in use. The cover strip creates a smooth bridge from one side of the track to the other while making maneuvering much easier as sharp edges and pockets on the vehicle floor are eliminated. In addition, the cover strip prevents dirt and waste from clogging the L-Track in high-use vehicles. Trims easily with an exacto blade (not included) for final installation.