60" Extruded Press-In Track Cover | Q5-7550-T60


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60" Extruded Press-In Track Cover

  • Smooths the floors of transit vehicles
  • Prevents dirt and waste from clogging the L-Track
  • Rolls of 60 inches ( 5 ft., 152.4 cm )
  • Compatible with L-Track sections from Q-Straint
  • Can be cut-to-length for Shorter L-Track Lengths

The covers are designed specifically for use on L-Track sections that are used as anchors to secure mobility devices in transport buses, vans, or other vehicles. The covers are used on sections of L-Tracks that are not in use. The press-in, track cover creates a smooth bridge from one side of the track to the other while making maneuvering much easier as sharp edges and catch-point pockets on the vehicle floor are eliminated. The track cover also prevents dirt and waste from accumulating in the track. The plastic covers come in rolls of 60" or 5 feet and can be easily trimmed with an exacto blade during installation.

SKU: Q5-7550-T60