Automatic Pelvis Belt | H350207

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Automatic Pelvis Belt  

  • Designed to provide superior support for improved positioning & function
  • Buckle pulls across smoothly
  • Automatically retracts
  • Mounting holes in the base

The Automatic Pelvis Belt is a game changer for those seeking superior support and improved positioning and function. This innovative product features a buckle that pulls smoothly across the body, providing a secure fit and reliable support. Additionally, the belt automatically retracts, ensuring that it stays in place and doesn't shift or loosen during use. The mounting holes in the base make it easy to attach the belt to a variety of surfaces, allowing for maximum versatility in use.

The Automatic Pelvis Belt is designed to provide superior support and positioning for a variety of needs. Whether you're recovering from an injury or simply seeking to improve your posture, this belt can help. The smooth buckle and automatic retraction make it comfortable to wear and easy to adjust, while the mounting holes in the base allow placement. With the Automatic Pelvis Belt, you can enjoy improved function and mobility, reduced pain and discomfort, and a better overall quality of life. So why wait? Try the Automatic Pelvis Belt today and experience the difference for yourself!

 SKU: H350207