2"x 16 Ft Logistic Van Ratchet E-Track Straps w/ Spring E Fittings | 10 PACK


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2" X 16 Ft Logistic Van Ratchet E-Track Straps w/Spring E Fitting 

  • Qty 10 Pack
  • 2" x 16' Interior Van Ratchet Strap with 1/pc Spring "E" Fittings
  • Color Grey
  • Fixed Ends come 4 ft. as Industry Standard but can be Sewn Any Length By Request
  • End Fittings Optimized for E-Track & A-Track Common to Freight Vans
  • Adjustable (Long) Ends are Sewn Captivated to Prevent Separation in Van Trailers
  • Wide Handle Ratchets Allow Easy Operation While Wearing Gloves

2” Ratchet and Cam Buckle Straps for Track Securements:

A proper E Track Tie-Down System may include ratcheting tie downs, these are the Small Ratchet Straps and Cambuckle Straps with Spring E ends, 3-Piece Fittings, and Butterfly hooks, and Wire Hooks for F-Track. Other Track Supported Tie Down devices are Aluminum Decking Beams and Paddle Handle Cargo Bars, Wood Beam Sockets, and Spring Actuated Rope Tie Offs.

Our E Track Tie Down Systems are fabricated for Heavy Duty Customers designed with longevity in mind but are affordable for Customers of Small Trailers, Sprinter Vans and Small Truck Bodies.

SKU: R16EX10 ITEM: 2"x 16 ft. Logistic Van Ratchet E-Track Straps w/ Spring E Fittings 10 Pack WT: 24 lbs