Extension Wheelchair Lap Belt Red | H350242 / H350245

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Integrated Lap Belt extension

This part has been Superseded by the H350245-24

Length: 12 -24 Inches

Color: Red

  • This belt is adjustable from 12 up to 24 Inches
  • This part has been superseded by H350245-24
  • The H350245-24 will be shipped when ordering

The Integrated Lap Belt attaches directly to the rear tie-down assemblies of the wheelchair securement system. Used with a shoulder belt, it provides a complete occupant restraint system that is an “integrated” part of the wheelchair securement. Each Integrated Lap Belt contains a single push-button buckle and webbing adjuster(s) for increased placement capability.

  • This extension belt works with the H 350 200 and H 450 200 pelvis beltThe H 350 200 pelvis belt has been superseded with H 450 200

SKU: H350245-24