GO2 Standard Oxygen Tank Holder | FE201122

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GO2 Standard Oxygen Tank Holder

GO2 Oxygen Tank Holder accommodates a single standard O2 Tank.


  • Qty 1 GO2 Oxygen Holder in single standard configuration | FE201122

SKU: FE201122

The GO2 (pronounced ‘GO-TO’) is an adaptable O2holder designed to safely transport medical oxygen for personal use in a school bus, paratransit, community transport, ambulance, or non-emergency transportation vehicles.

The GO2 prevents O2 cylinders from tipping, falling, or becoming a projectile during a sudden stop or maneuver. It works with Series L Track for quick fleet-wide deployment and ideal vehicle and passenger placement.

Keep your passengers and drivers safe by ensuring oxygen cylinders are quickly, easily, and positively secured.

  • Tightening & Release Knob Ergonomic tightening and release knob with visual lock indicator to help ensure the GO2 is secured.
  • Anti-slip Straps Two (2) anti-slip straps hold O2 cylinders firmly in place.
  • Quick Release - Quick release lever adjusts easily to accommodate O2 cylinders sizes from M2 to E.
  • Durable & Compact - Made of high grade anodized aluminum for durability and corrosion resistance. Weighs less than 6 lbs.
  • Mounts to L-Track - Mounts easily to existing Series L Track or pockets (excluding covered floor pockets) on vehicle floor and can be moved from one vehicle to another without the use of tools.

Standards Compliance

  • Dynamic crash test at 30mph/20g
  • National School Transportation Specifications & Procedures, Support Equipment and Accessories, B.3 and IEP – IFSP Process, Guidelines, E.11
  • Ambulance Manufacturer’s Division AMD Standard 003, Oxygen Tank Retention System
  • Approved to the requirements of CEN standard – BS EN 1789:2007, Medical vehicles and their equipment.