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Small Table With Wine Glass Holders

All the convenience and features of the standard SnapIt! small cockpit table plus the added benefit of built-in wine glass holders.  Enjoy your favorite beverage with your meal hands and spill-free!

The support arms securely support the table without the use of a leg, while allowing it to be mounted at a convenient height from the cockpit floor. Use that bungee cord somewhere else! This table folds down and snaps securely in the closed position! Installs in minutes. NO drilling! Comes complete and ready for installation.

Size constraints of the small table result in some interference between the support arms and the opening for the wine glass holders.  Wine glasses with a larger bowl such as a Vintage glass work well in the small table as can be seen in the photos. 

  •  W 14 1/2 “ x L 22”
  • 2 Wine Glass Holders
  • No Leg Obstruction
  • Folds Closed When Not in Use
  • Quick Installation

SKU: M0012WG

**** Narrow-bodied wine glasses such as the Flute or Tulip style will not work as well because of the interference of the support arm.  If the use of the narrow-bodied wine glasses is planned the M0012WG is not recommended.  In place of the M0012WG, the standard M0012 small cockpit table could be used in combination with a pair of the SnapIt! M0019 wine glass holders attached to the pedestal guard.

****Due to the small volume of pedestal guards with 12" to 12.5" center to center dimensions we are unable to accept returns on items in these sizes due to a mistake in measurement.  Please double-check the pedestal guard measurements before ordering.