Manual Pelvis Lap Belt | H 450 200

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Manual Pelvis Lap Belt

This Manual Pelvis Lap Belt is a reliable, lasting product built with the latest technology. The double strap design ensures an even distribution of pressure, allowing for a comfortable and secure fit. This belt is perfect for those looking for a safe and durable pelvis belt.

H 450 200 belt has been superseded with H 450 199

  • H 450 199 Will be shipped in place of H 450 200
  • Designed to provide support for improved positioning & function
  • Improved belt making it more user-friendly/foolproof
  • Pelvis Lap Belt is Manually Operated
  • Easy Push Button Release for Quick Unfastening
  • Side release buckle to prevent accidentally being released
  • Cost-Effective Yet Safe Solution 
  • Should an extension belt be needed the H 350 245-24 will work in conjunction with this lap belt.
  • Standard length: 247 cm, 116 in 
  • Also available in XL H 450 198
  • H 450 200 Supersedes H 350 200

SKU: H 450 200