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Advantages. Offers Practical Innovations in our Ratchet Straps, Wheelchair Restraints and Safety Harnesses.

Because of our Relationships, No One offers Better Insights into the Transportation Industry or our main products, Cargo Straps, Moving Straps, E Track Straps, Wheel Straps, Cargo Bars, Chains & Chain Binders and Motorcycle Tie Downs.

Our Competitive Advantages are Innovative Load Securement and Industry Knowledge. 

For over 25 years, the principle driving force of has been to be identified as one of the top suppliers of Cargo Restraints throughout the USA. Line drawing of cam buckle strapLine drawing of 2" ratchet strap

While tie downs are mandated in the United States by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), cargo restraint specialization has become virtually non-existent. Low barriers to entry have relegated most of the supply of Ratchet Straps, Moving Straps, Cargo Straps, E Track Straps, Chain & Chain Binders to disinterested Truck & Trailer Distributors or Big Box retailers. is recognized by our Innovative™ Products and Specialized Customers who realize that cookie-cutter, commodity products are often poorly made or worse, aren’t functional.  We work with US manufacturers to provide superior solutions while our competitors have become re-sellers of low-cost products in zero-cost labor countries.

With us, warranties are measured in years and decades; our product satisfaction is unmatched.  If you’re not satisfied, you won’t pay for that part of the transaction.

We offer for sale the highest quality tie down and load securement products manufactured.  From Kevlar webbing to 304 Stainless Steel Fittings and Carbon Fiber Sleeving, the material choices we make available are unparalleled in the field of cargo control.

Our Customers are in Logistics and Long Haul Trucking; they are Defense Contractors and Utility Companies; they Provide Energy, Drill for Oil and operate Wireline Trucks; they are the US Military and transport by Airplanes and Helicopters; they do Commercial Construction and put up Wind Towers; they are Engineering Companies and River Barge Owners; they make Movies and put on Concerts; they Move your Furniture, Haul Cars to Lots and Tow your Car; they Grow Crops and Install Neon Signs; they Boat and Ride Motorcycles; our customers can't Move Heaven but they do Move Earth.

Sign Up Today for Promotions Throughout the Year, Tailored to the Products you Buy!  Call us Toll Free or Email Us to be Added. is your Total source for™ Load Securement Ratchet Straps & these products: Safety Harness, Cargo Bar, Wheelchair Restraint, Motorcycle Tie Downs, Moving Straps, Cargo Straps, E Track Straps, Chain & Ratchet Binders and Wheel Straps for Auto / Vehicle Straps & Towing. has adopted a Quality System containing a policy of continuous product improvement. Because of this strategy, reserves the right to change specifications or appearance of™ Products without prior notice.

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