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Social media is a tool we use at to share timely updates and key priorities with our followers. We also welcome feedback from users. We hope you follow us on social media and ask that you please adhere to the following guidelines for our online community.

User Conduct

We request that users be respectful to other users online and refrain from the following on social media channels:

  • Mentioning cargo control competitors or other companies
  • Using profanity or language that is discriminatory or defamatory
  • Using graphic images
  • Discussing politics and religion
  • Posting excessively redundant comments or engaging in other spam-like behavior
  • Promoting or threatening violence or illegal activity
  • Discussing off-topic subjects from the original post
  • Sharing anyone’s private information
  • Activity that violates the platform’s Terms of Service

Additional scenarios not outlined above may require action by's social media managers, who will strive to keep these guidelines up to date.

Please note that we reserve the right to delete or hide comments or block users that violate these guidelines. Opinions and views expressed in comments by users on social media channels do not represent the views of

Engagements by social media channels, such as following, liking, tagging, sharing or commenting, are not an endorsement of all of the content published and activity performed by those channels. Content published on social media channels is informational only and not to be used as professional advice. Consult local and federal laws for cargo control requirements by state.

The language used on social media channels is English. As such, may only reply to comments posted in English.

Adverse Events

If you have experienced an adverse event involving a product or have a product complaint, please fill out this contact us form. may not be able to reply directly to comments about adverse events or product complaints due to regulatory restrictions. To learn about our products, visit our website.

Social media is not the appropriate forum to inquire about products or services. Please fill out our contact form so we can best address your concerns.

Please also see our Terms and Conditions Service and Privacy Policy.