NEW REPLACEMENT PROTEKTOR 2.0 SilverSeries-System Wheelchair Restraints | FITTING OPTIONS

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PROTEKTOR 2.0 SilverSeries-System Wheelchair Restraints



The new generation of the SilverSeries 4-point securement system appeals with its high safety aspect, aesthetic design, functionality as well as high-quality materials. The high-quality cover of the wheelchair restraints is made of zinc die-casting - a material that makes the retractors robust and suitable for daily use in vehicles.

The retractors are anchored to the vehicle floor with an L-Track Fitting or a Smart Fitting and can be easily tethered to the wheelchair with a J-hook, carabiner, or loop attachment.

The wheelchair restraint system is optimized by using in conjunction an occupant securement system.

The SilverSeries is compatible with all wheelchairs and vehicles. 

  • Zinc die-casting cover, durable and robust
  • Fully automatic pull-out
  • Self-tensioning
  • Single tensioning knob for additional tensioning without effort
  • Easy, intuitive operation
  • Compact, low design
  • Wheelchair attachment with J-hook, carabiner, or loop
  • Floor anchorage with L-Track Fitting or Smart Fitting
  • Recommended wheelchair position to include:
    4 wheelchair retractors  + 1 occupant securement
  • Tested safety according to ISO 10542, SAE J2249, FMVSS 209 / 302 / 210 / 222, CMVSS 209, CSA Z605, AS 2596 and ADA

Carabiner/40 Degree/L Track Fitting - H 450 560 CL - Supersedes Part H 350 560 CV
Carabiner /40 Degre/ Smart Fitting - H 450 560 CM - Supersedes Part H 350 560 CM
J Hook/40 Degree/ L Track Fitting - H 450 530 HL - Supersedes Part H 350 530 HV
J Hook /40 Degree/ Smart Fitting - H 450 530 HM - Supersedes Part H 350 530 HM
Loop /40 Degree/L Track Fitting - H 450 505 LL - Supersedes Part H 350 505 LV
Loop /40 Degree /Smart Fitting - H 450 505 LM - Supersedes Part H 350 505 LM

The ISO 10542 tested SilverSeries has a fully automatic pull-out and a self-tensioning system. The robust zinc die-cast cover is suitable for daily use in the vehicle.

Floor Fitting Options: L-Track Fitting and Smart Fitting

Retractor System Options: Carabiner, J-Hook, With Loop