Key Polymer Floor Restore Sealer Kit | EC-53A/BSFK

Key Polymer

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Key Polymer Floor Restore Sealer Kit

  • Protect a new floor or replace an old one at a fraction of the cost
  • Covers an entire 53 Ft. trailer
  • Key Polymer 
  • Mixing sticks, protective gloves & application squeegee are also included.

The kit consists of two parts that are mixed together to create the application material. 

KEY Floor Restore is a penetrating VOC-free epoxy floor coating product that structurally bonds wood fibers and delaminations, creating a stronger trailer or truck flooring structure that is tough enough to stand up to the most punishing cargos! KEY Floor Restore provides a durable coating that is low maintenance and easy to clean. KEY Floor Restore requires only 8 hours of drying time, and can be applied to the entire truck flooring or trailer floor at less than 1/10th the cost of a new floor. 


SKU: EC-53A/BSFK ITEM: Key Polymer Floor Restore Sealer Kit WT: 34 lbs