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Lashing Winch for Up To 2" Webbing

A lashing winch is a device used for securing cargo onto a truck or trailer using straps or webbing. The winch is typically made of steel or another durable material and features a ratcheting mechanism that tightens the webbing or strap to secure the cargo.

The winch is designed to be used with 2-inch webbing or straps and typically has a weight capacity of several thousand pounds, depending on the specific model. The webbing or strap is fed through the winch and attached to the cargo, and then tightened using the ratcheting mechanism.

The winch is typically mounted onto the truck or trailer using bolts or other fasteners and can be easily adjusted to accommodate different cargo sizes and shapes. The winch may also feature a locking mechanism to prevent the webbing or strap from loosening during transit.

Lashing winches are commonly used in the transportation and shipping industry to secure heavy or bulky items during transit. They are often required by law when transporting cargo on public roads, and are an essential tool for ensuring the safety of both the cargo and other drivers on the road.

  • Mandrel Slot Holds up to 2" Webbing
  • May be Bolted or Welded Above or Below the Trailer Deck
  • 3,333 lb. Working Load Limit for Tire Bonnets or Wheel Straps
  • Commonly Found on Tow Dollies or Car Transport Trailers
  • Also an Excellent Tie Down for Ladders on Utility Truck Racks
  • Spring-Loaded Handle Engages Mandrel Gears on Both Sides
  • Hex-Head is Easily Tightened or Loosened with Adjustable Wrench or Socket
  • Zinc Plated Components with Black Powder-Coated Frame
  • A Heavy-Duty Alternative to a Hand Ratchet When a Fixed Location is Desired
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