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Powerchair Combo Phone & Adjustable Drink Holder Snapit!

The Powerchair Combo Phone & Adjustable Drink Holder made by Snapit! is designed to conveniently fit powerchairs and make it easy to stay connected. With an adjustable holder that fits most sizes, it’s ideal for hands-free usage and keeping your device secure and accessible. The holder is also adjustable to fit a variety of drinks, making it easier to stay hydrated.

  • Cage Style Combination Smart Phone and Large Drink Holder. 
  • Holds Smart Phones (SmartPhone Cage measures 3.7" long X .77" wide X 4.875" deep.) as well as mugs, canned drinks with insulated sleeves, and larger beverage containers up to 3.625" (3 5/8") diameter.
  • A deep pocket ensures the phone never falls out.
  • A deep pocket for the phone ensures phone placement.
  • Mounts under powerchair armrest utilizing SnapIt! System™ mounting arm.  Installation instructions
  • The mounting arm attaches with screws to the underside of the armrest chair. The bracket is specific to the mobility device. Screw holes are pre-existing in the armrest.
  • Please go to Additional Brackets to see more detailed information regarding the available mounting brackets.  The information there will help you determine which bracket will correctly fit your powerchair.  Once you have determined the correct bracket return here and select it from the Powerchair pull-down menu.  One bracket is included in the cost of the accessory. 
  • If you have questions about the correct bracket for your chair please contact us for further information
  • SnapIt! Mobility Accessories are CNC machined from marine grade plastics and assembled with stainless steel hardware. 
  • Proudly manufactured in Texas, USA!
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