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Shipping Info

Where is my product shipping from?

What days do you ship?

When will I receive my order?

We're in Dallas picking up every week, can we Will Call from you too?

I have a UPS tracking number from the order email, where do I track it?

How will I know when my product ships?

Do you ship Internationally, like to Singapore?


Return Policy

I need to make a return. What do I need to do?

What is your warranty policy on Aluminum Decking Beams?

What is your return policy?


Payment Info

Do I have to set up an account to purchase from

What forms of payment do you except?

Can my business set up a terms account?


Product Info

Where is this product made?

E-Track is 10 feet long. How do you ship it?

How do you package your products?

I am not sure what product I need?

I bought a forged D-Ring from you and it had a Working Load Limit. I bought one from another company and it didn't have one. Who's right?

I need something custom. Can you help?

I need tarp straps, should I buy Natural Rubber or EPDM? What's the difference?

I ordered a 4"x30' foot strap from your competitor but it wasn't 30 feet long. What gives?

I see the term 'Design Factor' describing some of your straps - what does this mean?

I've read the term, 'Unitized Load', what is a unitized load, what does that mean?

On the strap's tag, it lists the Working Load Limit rating as 5,400 lb. What does this mean?

Why do you say corner protectors or edge protectors are required?

I need something I don't see offered on your website, can you get it?



Why should I buy from

What are the g forces - the forces acting on freight as a result of vehicle acceleration or deceleration - cargo securement systems must be able to withstand?

My husband is bugging me for a new 4K TV, what do I tell him?

I saw a lower price on Harbor Freight's website, will you match their price?

I don't see what I am looking for?

Does offer volume price discounts?

Do you sell straps and tie downs to the government?

Can I have my company name printed on the strap or webbing?

Do you ever have 'Sales'?