Center of Gravity of Your Loaded Vehicle

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One of the most under-discussed topics of Proper Load Securement regards the Center of Gravity after your Vehicle has been Loaded. By now, drivers understand the force of gravity and how the 'G's pull in each direction:Effect of Gravity on Loads By now, this should be well understood from your training and from your driving experiences.  However, the 'feel' of these forces change as transported load moves the vehicle's Center of Gravity.  More often than not, the Center of Gravity of a loaded vehicle rises, that is the point is higher and it is slightly further back, toward the rear of the vehicle.Center of Gravity SymbolIt is becoming more common for Shippers or Packagers to place the Center of Gravity Symbol on the product or packaging so that logistics companies can more safely lift, place and restrain the transported product.Trailer Rollover Warning Sign

This point dictates proper vehicle speed, especially around corners, like exit ramps. Proper Center of Gravity identification promotes safer securement & safer transportation.

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