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Top Myths & Misrepresentations the Cargo Control

Posted by Ken Webb on

Top Myths & Misrepresentations the Cargo Control

Below are some myths, mis-truths and misrepresentations recently heard regarding the correct use and implementation of load restraints & tie downs:   TRUE or FALSE? 1) Webbing Straps and Assemblies MUST have the Working Load Limit Stenciled on The Webbing?  T  or  F  Reasoning - (Everyone’s doing it, it must be the law.)      Answer = FALSE!   The TAG is the proper (and only) place Working Load Limit is listed.   2) The Department of Transportation (DOT) APPROVES Strap Assemblies?  T  or  F Reasoning - (C’mon, we’ve all heard the term, “DOT-Approved”.)   Answer = FALSE!   Neither the US nor Canada is in the business of exclusiveness.  ...

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