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Alligator Buckle Tourniquet 1 Stainless Steel Clamp Hardware

High Quality Alligator Buckle Tourniquet Spring Action Buckle 1" Stainless Steel Clamp

High Quality Hardware by

  • $ 395

  • Stainless Steel Offers Superior Corrosion Resistance from Seaspray, Rain & Road Salts
  • Thumb Trigger Activated, Press Down and Web Slides Freely
  • Teeth Bite Into Webbing Without Fiber Damage
  • Commonly Used in High Moisture Areas, Around Saltwater or Non-Magnetic Environments
  • Made to Fit Industrial and Mil-Spec 1" Webbing in Place of Most Cam Buckles
  • Boating, PWC's, Scuba, Fishing, Flying
  • This Is a Lifetime Product when Properly Maintained

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