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1 X 12 Ultra Premium Kevlar® Soft Tie Loop Extreme Cut & Heat Resistance Motorcycle

High Quality 1" x 12" Ultra Premium Kevlar® Soft Tie Loop, Extreme Cut & Heat Resistance

High Quality Motorcycle by

  • $ 995

  • 1,800 lb. working load limit Soft loops wrap around and through themselves to create a soft contact point on the vehicle. Excellent Handlebar Tie Down Straps.
  • 3,500 lb. to 5,500 lb.Tensile Strength Kevlar Webbing is Extremely Cut Resistant and Heat Resistant
  • Kevlar® is lightweight, durable and extraordinarily strong; 5x as strong as steel, best known for its use in ballistic and stab-resistant body armor
  • Kevlar® Does NOT Melt. Webbing decomposes above 800 degrees Fahrenheit.  Strength can diminish with prolonged use over 350 degrees Fahrenheit        
  • Do NOT store in Sunlight
  • Fabric Heat & Flame Resistant per NFPA 1983 Standard
  • Excellent for Use in Extreme Cold & Extreme Heat (-300 F to + 300 F)
  • Kevlar® is excellent for Boat, PWC or Marine applications. Tensile Strength is Virtually Unaffected by Moisture Content
  • NON SCRATCHING - Protects your Motorcycle, ATV, Bicycle, Scooter, Mobility Equipment, Snowmobile, UTV & Lawn Mower/Garden Equipment & other applications during transportation
  • EYE AND EYE - Twisted eye on one end CREATES A SECURE POINT for attaching tie down straps around the frame, handlebars, tie down rings and other surfaces
  • EASY TO USE & FITS IN SMALL SPOTS - Easy installation where a hook won't fit
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - Cut & Heat resistant soft tie loops prevent scratches to paint/chrome from tie down hooks
  • Satisfies Buy American Act (BAA) and the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) 
  • We are the Strap Manufacturer, Please Contact Us for Other Lengths or Kevlar® Tie Downs.


  • High tenacity 23g/Denier
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Cut resistant
  • Melting point 427°C/800°F
  • Elongation break approx 2.4%
  • Chemical resistance to solvents
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Dimensional stability and strength
  • No-Melt No-Drip
  • Berry Compliant
  • UL certified

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