1" x 30 inch Adjustable Wrap Strap for Hoses / Cords / Ladders / Pipes/ Tools | SL2.5WS


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1" x 30 Inch Adjustable Wrap Strap

  • Utility Strap
  • Superloc Made in the USA, Easy to Thread & Tighten
  • 1" x 30" Length
  • Polyester Webbing is woven in the USA with Low Stretch, High Strength Ratio
  • 150 lb. Working Load Limit, 3:1 Design Factor
  • End Heat Seared at 45 Degree Angle to Facilitate Proper Operation
  • Loose Ends are Heat Seared to Prevent Fraying
  • Superloc Made in the USA, Easy to Thread & Tighten
  • Custom Lengths & Colors Available
About Straps

Utility Straps or Mini Ratchet Straps are small ratchet straps for smaller or lighter equipment like Motorbikes, Landscape Equipment, and Boats.  Ratcheting Tie Downs and Cam Buckle Tie Downs like ATV Tie Downs and PWC Tie Downs play a vital role for consumers and small business owners.  All of our 1” straps utilize heavy-duty webbing and industrial quality hardware and are labeled for the particular industry or customer they serve.


ITEM: 1" X 30" Adjustable Wrap Strap

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