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Grade 70 Transport Chain W/ Clevis Grab Hooks <-- Choose Your Length 20' / 5/16 Flatbed

High Quality Grade 70 Transport Chain w/ Clevis Grab Hooks <-- Choose Your Length

High Quality Flatbed by

  • $ 3750

  • Electrogalvanized Gold Industrial Finish
  • Every Link is Proof Tested to Double the Working Load Limit During Manufacturing
  • NOT Approved For Overhead Lifting: For Lifting Choose Grade 100
Custom Quote: For large order bulk pricing, call 1-84-GOSTRAPS or email
  • High Strength, Quenched & Tempered Steel, Heat Treated
  • Minimum 4,700 lb. Working Load Limit
  • Grade 70 Transport Chain has a 4:1 Design Factor
  • For Transport Chain, Tow & Load Securement Binder Chain
  • 5/16" & 3/8" are Embossed in Raised Characters Every 1 ft. w/ G70, Manufacturer's Mark and Size
  • Easily Tightened by Ratchet Binders or Chain Binders sold by
  • NACM Link Spec Size (Medium Link), ASTM Spec Link Size (Short Link) Available
  • Min. Steel Requirements - Carbon, .35% max; Phosphorous, 0.04% max.; and Sulphur, 0.05% max.


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