Qty (2) USA Ratchet Chain Binder for ⅜" - ½" G70 & G80 Transport or G43 High Test Chain


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  • Market Proven Ratcheting Mechanism for the Experienced Flatbed Operator
  • Easy, Hand-Operated Design and Reversible Locking Lever
  • ⅜" - ½" has a 9,200 lb. Working Load Limit
  • Proof Tested to 2x the Working Load Limit Prior to Packaging
  • Hooks Easily Fit Transport Chain Spec'd & Sold by
  • Breaking Strength Exceeds ⅜" G70 (26,400 lb. MBS), ½" G43 (27,600 lb. MBS)
  • Do NOT Use Tube Bars, Winch Bars, 'Cheater' or other Handle Extension Bars to Operate Binders
  • Product has a 50:1 Mechanical Advantage (MA)
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