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2 Short Wide Handle Strap Ratchet Double-Locking Hardware

High Quality 2" Short Wide Handle Strap Ratchet, Double-Locking

High Quality Hardware by

  • $ 595

  • 'Big Grip' Extruded Aluminum Handle on Strap Ratchet
  • Wide Handle Ratchet Allows Easy Operation When Wearing Gloves
  • Thicker Side Plates than Most Ratchets
  • Double-Locking Feature Ensures Ratchet Remains Fastened During Transport
  • Yellow Dichromate Zinc Plating Inhibits Rust
  • 3,333 lb. Working Load Limit
  • One-Piece Aluminum Handle is Strong, Lightweight, Resilient, Non-Corrosive, Non-Magentic, Non-Combustible & Recyclable
  • Part Viewable Below in Virtual Reality with Google Cardboard or similar VR Viewer
Custom Quote: For large order bulk pricing, call 1-84-GOSTRAPS or email

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